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Mike McCartney
Chris Packham

Photography got serious for Doug in the
mid-80s and over the years he’s shot on a
wide array of cameras, from 110 to 35mm
and medium format. He loves his ageing
prime lenses, he says, and will very probably
buy more of them in the coming years.

The pictures on this web site are of digital art, nature, landscapes, close-ups, black and white and still life.  I always look for the picture you can capture from your doorstep – some of the most original and fascinating that I have seen and also taken have been local to the photographer.  I feel that taking good pictures combines many elements including light, colour, shade and form all of which must be properly composed.  Also essential are a good imagination and a love for the subject.  I try to put all these key points in my pictures.  I hope that you like looking at them.  The cameras that I use are both digital and film – I like the variety and the choice of being able to switch between the two.  I also like to experiment with cameras of the past – good to keep you grounded.  A good tripod is essential as well.  However it is worth remembering that no matter what camera you use it is only a tool to obtaining the image that you want.  Buying a new camera or lens will not take a great pictures – it is you that will do that.  Work with what you have and make the most of it.  There is no need to spend money on new equipment – even with a small compact in your pocket you can take a great image.  Also don’t forget the second hand market where you can pick up some good kit at relatively low prices.

I am an amateur photographer however I have been fortunate enough to have won competitions including runner up in a national competition entitled “postcards in the park” and had pictures published in magazines as well as assignments which have included publicity shots for a local band and evidence photographs for a court case. The winning is great and to see your photo in the local paper or a national magazine is a fantastic adrenaline rush.

However I still see myself as an amateur who takes great pleasure in one of the most interesting and rewarding of pastimes.  Photography helps me relax and take time out from  the busy world we all live. 

I live in Colchester in Essex which is England’s oldest recorded town.  The opportunities for pictures in Colchester and the surrounding areas (which in include constable country where the Haywain was painted) are amazing.  I am never short of places to visit and to sit and contemplate my next picture. 

To end – always remember have a good imagination, have fun and quite simply enjoy taking pictures

The reason i picked up a camera was to set myself the challenge of taking good creative pictures and to see my world in a new way. Every thing you see is a picture.  You can interpret your vision with a camera and lens.  Your creative world is endless.  The  first thought is the best – it is from your subconscious mind.  remember no camera ever took a great picture – you do that!  

There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”

Ernst Haas

I dedicate all my pictures to the loving memory of my late father.  Rest in peace Pop x

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